What is the Task Manager?

The task manager is a simple Node.js application that I created while working as IT to help my coworkers create tickets for me. They would simply connect to the IP address and create a ticket with the problem and who it was from. I would get an email that I got a new task and when I added comments or completed the problem, I could email them from the task manager to give them an update. 


Creating Tasks

Creating a task is easy! Click on the 'New Task' button at the bottom of the home page and it will bring up a form for the user to fill out. It will demand for certain information if the information is necessary. Then click 'Submit' at the bottom of this page. It will automatically add the task and email the given person of the task. 


The programming of this task manager is quite simple. I have programmed it from scratch using the Bootstrap and Semantic UI libraries for the front-end while using a simple JSON database for the back-end with npm libraries connecting them. In order to get the email to work properly, the user would have to change the code around in the app.js file to connect it to an emailing service. All in all, this project took roughly four hundred lines of back-end code to make it function properly.