Welcome to my portfolio! Below are projects that I had the privelage to work on or create myself. On their respective page, you can view the details of the project and the target audience of each. There will also be a section to obtain the project for use if it has been released.


Task Manager - Created 2016

This simple node.js project is a task manager. Anyone on the network can connect to the task manager and hand out tasks to a person with the title of the task and some details on what the task will handle. The user then can put them 'in-progress' and add comments for each step of the task and email the comments back to the task giver.

Gemini Scouting System - Worked on in 2013

The Gemini Scouting System was built in order to overhaul the scouting section of FRC Robotics Team 20's. Scouting is a huge part of competition. Through the data collected during competition, scouting can determine what team would be best to pair with if asked or asking others during finales. With the Gemini Scouting System scouting became automated and allowed for strategies after one day of competition.