What is the Gemini Scouting System?

The Gemini Scouting System is an automated scouting system that shows the statistics of each team competing in an FRC competition. The statistics could show their scoring abilities, break-downs, and also contains video footage of each game played. It was meant to replace the old excel scouting system by making the data input simplistic and automated. 

My Contributions

I was with Team 20 during my junior and senior years of high school. During my time, I taught fellow teammates the necessary programming languages needed to reprogram our previous robots. I was also asked to help with the Gemini Scouting System. Since it had not previously been finished with all the extra features such as video players and image uploading, I worked on adding the video and image uploading sections of the program. 


The Gemini Scouting System is programmed in various Javascript npm libraries. It connects to various JSON database files in order to show the data in clean formatting. Once the JSON databases are connected to the Gemini Scouting System, they become editable within the Gemini program. 


Can I get this?

Yes. The original creator, Mr. Brimhall, has it on their respective GitHub account, but I have it forked on my GitHub account as well. If you were to go to my GitHub account with this link,, you could fork it to yours or download it from there.