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The Feeling is Lost

The Feeling is Lost

I've been having some of the lines pop up in my head when I'm riding the bus around campus and walking to and from classes. I tried to put the lines into a cohesive poem, but maybe I haven't fulfilled that. 

The context of the piece has to do with a recently split relationship. Whether the relationship is a friendship, partnership between two humans or even a relationship with an inanimate object, there is a period of time after in which life just seems dull. This is my interpretation of that period. 

My hand is devoid of feelings,
Soon my heart will be devoid,
It'd be a fallacy to believe it is medical.
Of all the possibilities,
for my choice of words,
and tone of voice,
the result I chose,
made you walk through the door.
The fingers yearn,
yearn to be touched,
yearn to be intertwined,
yearn to feel.
Living has dulled,
beauty has faded,
the bliss of the baroque has escaped.
Darkness engulfs,
engulfs my eyesight,
engulfs my hearing.
I am nothing,
hiding from others,
by my own senses.
Where is the light to bring it all back?
Threesomes and How to Deal with Them

Threesomes and How to Deal with Them