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A Night that I will Always Remember [Pt.2]

A Night that I will Always Remember [Pt.2]

As she kept drinking, other guys seemed to notice and wanted to see if they could get with her. The guys would crowd around her and bring her more drinks to take down, and she would accept them willingly. Was she wanting to sleep with all these guys at once or was there something else that she was after? 

After about five or six guys came up to her with drinks, I decided to step into things to stop her from doing something that she would regret. I moved some of the guys aside, grabbed her arm and pulled her away from the group. She was holding onto a jello shot and slurped it down and tried to grab another one. I kept dragging her away and brought her upstairs to one of the bedrooms. She dropped the jello shot down her shirt.

As we entered the bedroom, I had to yell at two other people to leave the room. They were on top of each other dry rubbing for pleasure. Are people really that inconsiderate of their own clothes? I set her down on the bed and noticed that her shirt was a little wet. I had to take it off of her and get her something dry so that she wouldn't get sick or anything. I started looking for a towel to wrap her in but she was already taking off all her clothes. She unveiled the covers of the bed and got under. 

"B--Beer. Get me a beer." She was barely awake and yet she wanted another beer? What is with her? I turned the lights off and slid my body down onto the floor in front of the door as to stop anyone from coming in. 

In a couple of minutes I heard slight breathing as though she was asleep. I decided that she was fine, so I stood up and was about to leave the room, but after looking at her for one last time, she had moved the blankets and sheets off of her body. Her naked resting body was lying there in front of my eyes. Her body looked natural as gravity pulled on her breasts. One of her legs was on top of the blankets to cool down her body. Everything had looked perfect, and I wanted to be with that. This could be my only chance.

I locked the door to the room and I started to take off my clothes so that we would look like drunk naturals if anyone were looking at us. I pulled the covers back and slowly got into the bed with her. I moved slowly towards her trying not to wake her as I slowly caressed her body. with mine. Everything was coming to fruition between us even though she is asleep and I'm not. We were finally connected. 

After we were done, I decided to get up, get dressed and leave the room. I left her covered in the bed. I walked downstairs and got two beers and brought one up to her. I left it on the night stand next to her bed. As I was shutting the door to the bedroom John saw me. "Hey man, everything alright?" 

"Yeah everything's fine. She wanted a beer so I got her a beer. She asleep now, so no need to worry." 

"Okay. Well how about we go downstairs and do a game on pong?" John suggested, but he was trying to get a look into the room. 

"Sure! I'll meet you down there." I started to walk away from John and headed downstairs. I wanted to make the game of pong interesting so beforehand I grabbed a couple of jello-shots and drank them. 

I was hanging out downstairs near the pong table for a while before John had come down. He looked a bit sweaty, and was breathing a bit excitingly. "Hey sorry man, I had to help someone from outside. They were spewing chunks everywhere and I needed to clean it all up before it got thick and stayed in the yard for my parents to see." 

"Okay man, well we better do good in this game of beer pong." 

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