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Game Review: Destroy All Humans!

Game Review: Destroy All Humans!

Have you ever wanted to fly around in a saucer picking up cows and flinging them around the earth? Or maybe, you wanted to mind control humans into doing weird and silly things? Or are you the kinky kind that wants to anal probe any last human that you see? If you have answered 'yes' to any of these questions then Destroy All Humans! is for you!



The Kryptonian race is dying out and there is only one cure to saving them, the human brain stems. A Kryptonian came to earth, but it was accidentally shot out of the sky and crash landed on earth. Therefore, two more Kryptonians must come to earth to destroy the previous' remains and finish the mission. 

You play as Krypto, a Kryptonian, that goes back and forth from the mothership to earth in order to scout out the area, take brain stems and find the remains of the previous Kryptonian. In doing so, Krypto is given an arsenal of weaponry and a flying saucer that he can upgrade with collected brain stems. You are given missions to complete from the mothership and must do so in order to progress the story. 

Since the remains of the first Kryptonian were collected, they were also experimented upon because humankind feels the need to understand anything and everything. The collected information allows for the human race to make superhuman-like humans and giant robots that are used against Krypto when his infamy level gets too high. 

Remember to stay alive, and anal probe anything that you see in order to collect brain stems. You are an alien and all of mankind is scared of you. 


Upon loading up the game, you are given a quick cutscene of news-like announcements from earth telling a foreshadowing of the story. Afterward, the cutscene showing the previous Kryptonian being shot down and then the story begins for you and Pox, the mothership leader. 

There is a singular menu that allows for the decision of missions/free play with unlocked areas, an arsenal upgrade and extra contents. While being in a mission/free play section of the game, the player is given free reign, with possible constraints if playing a mission, to do as they so please between Krypto and the human race. If you would like to go on a killing spree, then you can. If you want to watch movies at the drive in while being disguised as a girl, you can. The possibilities are endless. 


The game was made in 2005 and there hasn't been an upgraded graphical change when it was ported to the PS4. The graphics do still look the same, but even though the graphics don't look the best it gives a nostalgic feeling to those who played video games in the early 2000s, and the game was ported perfectly. There is nothing lacking between the different console versions of the game. 

The Good Parts

Endless Possibility

If you are looking for a game that allows for most anything to be done and in a ragdoll fashion, then this is it. As you shoot humans with an electric gun, their bodies will shake uncontrollably, and once their health has been depleted, they will jump in the air with a ragdoll body. Also if Krypto were to use is psychokinesis on anything, the object that psychokinesis is being acted upon will become a ragdoll making everything much more enjoyable because who doesn't like ragdoll physics?


This game has a huge amount of replayability with the free roam sections of previously visited areas. Instead of having to do a mission, the player could go on a killing spree in a previous section of the game. The different areas could be visited in order to do anything that the player so chooses. Such actions include the obvious killing spree; collecting alien probes; hologramming yourself as others; mind controlling everyone you see; flying around in your saucer destroying everything in sight; and/or listening to the great one-liners of Krypto as he kills others.  

The Bad Parts

Lack of Content

The game contains a total of twenty missions. These missions could be long, tedious tasks or they could be very short tasks such as landing your saucer and walking to a location on the map. With only twenty missions, the game can be completed very quickly, but then again, it was a game from 2005. 


Since the game is highly replayable and has a great deed of endless possibility while in free roaming sections, the lack of content really hurts the game in the long run. There are in total six towns that can be visited throughout the game, each with its own collectibles and different populous. With only twenty missions the story of the game can be finished very quickly leaving only the imaginative minds of the players left to fill the void of content in the game. I do believe that the game was highly appreciated in its time, but as a game competing in the market of the vast games for the newer generation of consoles, it doesn't compare to the vast content that the new games contain. I'd give the game a 8.5/10 when it first came out, but with it competing in the new market, I'd give it a 7/10 due to the lack of content for the game. 

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