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Game Review - Bound by Flame

Game Review - Bound by Flame

For those that want to either become a demon or a hero with the most amazing fighting game, then Bound by Flame is the game for you! I have played many RPGs in my days, but none have ever prepared me for the game that Bound by Flame is. 


To be honest with you, the story actually makes little sense. This game didn't really explain much so from my experience of playing the game, I will try to tell the story. I chose to become a demon in the game and therefore this explanation will be a bit bias towards that section of the game. 

In a world where demons exist, there will be one man, who is the mightiest and yet the weakest asshole of them all, that will rise to become a slightly stronger asshole. You play as Vulcan, even though you can change your name and gender they will still call you Vulcan in the game, the asshole, trying to make sure that everyone knows that you are an asshole. Also, there are like three different types of demons that are secondary to your quest of making sure that everyone knows that you are an asshole. 

Firstly, you fight a big giant dead skinned monster with wood that gives you demon powers after defeating it by putting a demon inside of you, who happens to be a bigger asshole than you. Then you find a very voluptuous woman in the woods and will do anything to try to get into her pants, even killing your leader and the entire elf race. 

Then somehow the snow takes over the world even though hell was set loose on earth and they all challenge you to who can be a bigger asshole. After destroying the entire elf race by not following them into battle, you become the biggest asshole on earth and finally the last thing you need to do is defeat the asshole inside of you, but he is twenty times stronger than you, even on the easiest difficulty. 

That is basically the story. The game was so bland in every aspect that it was boring to play, and that is why there are no photos for this game because I am not willing to play that boring game ever again.


Are you ready for the worst fighting ever in an RPG? No? Well, too bad because the fighting in the game is terrible and that is something that you are going to have to deal with because there are way too many monsters. The developers put the diablo amount of monsters in areas of the game but didn't give you the ability to kill them like in diablo. You will die very often because the game is one sided to the enemies. Even if you put the game on the lowest difficulty, the enemies are still way too powerful for you to handle. 

Talking with NPCs in the game seems confusing because the terrible voice acting. Are they Scottish, English, Australian, or a mix of three? Also are they far away from you because all you can hear are whispers? 


Are you playing borderlands or a cartoon? I can't tell. The visuals of the game look like the developers forgot to turn off or at least lower the boundary colors of each item in the game. Walking through the first parts of the game you can clearly see every single object due to the heavy outlines of everything. The visuals don't really get better throughout the game. I would say that the visuals of this game look like an early seventh generation game instead of a crisp and cleanly made eighth generation game. 

The Bad Parts

The Game

I cannot list all the bad parts of the game without listing everything in the game so therefore I am going to just list the game here. The visuals are not pleasing, the combat is terrible, difficulty doesn't really exist, and the story is bland. The game is not really worth playing but I really wanted the game and I am so disappointed in what the game actually was.


If you love terrible games that are challenging even though you are on the easiest difficulty, then this game is perfect for you. For the rest of the people in the world, I'd give this game a 4.5/10. The visuals of the game looked like it could've been a higher-end PlayStation 2 game, but it is on the low end for a PlayStation 3. The story was bland and unoriginal because it was nothing more than being evil or being good. This concept has been repeated multiple times and it isn't worth playing twice to see the different outcomes because the gameplay itself with the combat is very difficult. I wish I had something good to say about this game, but sadly I do not. I do hope that they could've fixed the combat of the game through an update, but I don't believe the game is being updated by the developers. 

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