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Game Review: Everybody's Gone to the Rapture

Game Review: Everybody's Gone to the Rapture

Walking around an empty town pondering where everyone is can be quite boring to do in real life, why not do it in a video game? If you have ever thought that, then this is the game for you! 


Everybody's Gone to the Rapture is an indie game in which the player walks through a recently quarantined and empty town following different orbs of light that plays out past memories of the town. As the player traverses the game, they will learn about the different relationships between Kate, Lizzie, Frank, Stephen, and Jeremy. 

I can't really say much other than everyone has disappeared and you play as the slowest walking person in the world without spoiling the story. The game can be completed within 45 minutes if exploring around the place is not something that you would like to do. 


You play as a lone wanderer going through the top of the town around to a bunker to find the memories of people that have disappeared. Throughout the game you will be following fast light orbs and get really jealous because you want to move as fast as them. The game is rather simplistic since only five things on the controller are used and most are not used simultaneously; the 'x' button, 'r1' button, both analog sticks for moving and camera control and possibly the 'r2' button to make you move slightly faster. 'x' and 'r1' are for interacting with various objects in the world. 

The only objects that you can interact with are the light orbs, doors, telephones, and radios. Each object has a story element to the game, but not all are necessary for the overall advancement of the story; therefore, there was a lot of missable story points that could help with the understanding of the game.


The game is visually stunning. It takes place in a small town in England and the way the houses, churches, and pubs look feel like I'm actually traversing through a small England town. The grass and other foliage sway in the wind while the players walks through and by them. The leaves are rustling, and the music in the background changes accordingly to the emotional feel of the story. I could get lost in the forest by walking around, or by hanging out the in pub forever waiting for a beer. The visuals are amazing and them by themselves are worth buying the game for. 

The Bad Parts

Walking around

You are the slowest possible person alive and even though the walk speed makes a bit of sense compared to the overall scale of the game, having a run-mode or just a run ability would make the game even better! Walking from one end of the town to the other takes twenty minutes. I understand the realism that the game puts on the player, but I play video games to obtain a false sense of reality. I like the ideas and boundaries pushed by developers when creating new ideas. This game basically took the bad parts of life, walking, and made them highly noticeable in the game. 

Where do I go for the Story?

Yes, I know that the player should be following the orb of light around, but when I want to look through the town, the orb of light disappears and continues on on its own free will. Then it will go back to points that have already been visited. There were also times in which the orb of light couldn't be seen, and thus it was impossible to figure out where to go next. Without a map of some sort, or at least a way to show a waypoint rather than the free-spirited orb the story points can be lost and the player could give up without playing the entire story. 

Everybody's Gone to the Rapture  Screenshot 2017-04-24 13-43-15.png

The Verdict

This game has an amazing cast of voice actors that make the player feel immersed and interested into the story, but without the ability to know where the story is next, and the huge possibility of missing pieces of the story, the story can get confusing. If there was a map or other possible way to point out the next areas, the game would be so much better. Also if there was a way to walk way faster than normal, then the game would be that much better. Without these changes to the game, it can be discouraging for new players that are wanting excitement from their $15 purchase. I have to give this game a 6.5/10 because of the beforementioned flaws. It is a great game and people should play it, but it isn't for everyone because as it was seen in the linked video above, the game can get boring. 

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