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Internet Writings #3

Internet Writings #3

I was in many relationships and I got worried in a couple when they got really serious because I never knew if I was going to be enough. I always thought that someone better would come along and swoop my girlfriend off her feet and take her away from me. Some days, I hoped for it because I didn't want to not be the best I could for anyone. My writings reflected this fear and want at the same time. 

"Love Crumples"

The world around,
falling down.
Love crumples,
hearts dry up.
But in the end,
a beat will always beat.

That beat, 
small it may be.
But it is new love,
Our love.

Our love,
just newly made.
Grows bigger,
and beats louder everyday.

The sad,
become the happy.
The heartless,
grow a heart.
find new love again.

But this,
this will not last!

Love has the ups,
and love has the downs like that of a fine breasted woman.

New love,
will come again.
And this,
will all repeat.
But our,
our love will always be remembered.
If and when,
this is repeated.


Have you ever seen the sun?
The sun that lights up your day
The light that leaves you blind
The blindness that leads you to your man
The man that makes you happy.
The happiness that never ends
but the end that will make it start again.
Have you ever seen the sun?

And then finally another untitled piece..

The death has come to me.
The day I saw later
But not now.

You seem unchanged
Like a virgin to the eyes
But the lies that your body shows
Is shown to everyone.

Scarred in the eye
From the fatal blow
That had shattered me.

To be seen
To be heard
To be told
To be near you
I lose another piece of myself

The night lay down
Darkness crawling upon us
But the knowledge of a 'new moon'
Meant to show rebirth
If that be true
The birth ended with shattered glass.

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