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Internet Writings #2

Internet Writings #2

This time I'm going to share two different writings that were written in the same day. The first one, titled "The Door", is a short piece that I wrote about a drawing that my girlfriend at the time had drawn for me. The other piece is a remembrance piece of a group of students that got into a car accident at my school. There were casualties and the news hit the entire school. We had heavy hearts and many of us are still affected by this terrible accident today. I'm sorry for the trouble that the accident caused everyone and I hope that their souls rest in peace. 

"The Door"

'The fine coursed wood,
with the golden round knob.

The dream of the door,
and the endless sea of darkness behind it.
Engulfs me.

For when I awake,
I will think of you.
For you light up my way.

Till the next night,
that I dream a dream.
About a door,

The door that opens,
into a world of white snow.
I freeze, 
standing cold from head to toe.

For when i awake,
I think of you.
Because your open heart,
warms my very soul.

Until the next night,
when i dream a dream.
About a door...'

This next piece was written towards the drunk bastard that hit the students vehicle. 

Four great kids.
Two left dead.
Two left in serious pain.

They loved eachother,
They had eachother.

You came into their life for a Split second
Ended bonds that were special.

The night was cool
But you lead it into bloodshed.

Two cars,

The night slowly ends.
All that is seen is the scene of the crash.

The pain you left to their families.
The pain you left to many of us.

You were drunk,
what a shame.

Now there are two great kids dead.
Two others, split relationships due to you.

There were four students in the accident, two boys, and two girls. They were also two different couples. One boy and one girl died, each from a different couple. It hurts losing a relationship, but it hurts even worse when you lose your best friend as well. 

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