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Internet Writings #1

Internet Writings #1

Since I am not around to write blogs on the day to day basis due to vacation, I wanted to share some of the weird thoughts and writings that I had hidden all around the internet. Some of these writings will make sense, some won't. I will try to include the context of most of the writings, but some of them I don't know the context anymore since it was half a decade ago since I wrote some of these. Please enjoy. 

This one doesn't really need any explanation other than it was written on December 24th.

The time has come,
Another Christmas is here.

All families,
come together to spend this special holiday with eachother.
Even those families that are split,
they seem to find a way to come together.

This time everyone is happy,
Love and Care is in the air.
This is one of the only times in which everyone gets along.
This is one of the only times we see most people the kindest. '

To all that are celebrating Christmas, 
I wish the best Christmas ever.

The snow falls now,
the cocoa is heated and drank,
families come together.

But just outside that window,
there stand a kid.
Age of nearly eight years.
Has been an orphan his entire life,
his father died in a car crash on his way home from work.
The mother committed suicide soon after.

When he arrived,
He came with a letter.
The letter was for him,
had just two things within.

The orphanage mother cared for him,
he came with no name. 
She couldn't name him until the day he gave her something special,
He was later known as Present.

The family,
Smiling and laughing.
A tear goes down the face of the kid.
He still has the letter. 
on the day of the death of his parents,
December 25th, Christmas Day,
He opens the letter on this day.
He looks at the photo that lye within.
It's his parents. Smiling and happy.
He stares at it for a while,
tears rolling down his face. 
After he is done, 
he takes out the letter,

I'm sorry to inform you, but I can go on no longer. The pain, that my heart bears from your father's death is killing me. I cannot suffer from his death much longer. I write this to you now, as the poison slowly goes through my body. When I carried you, we felt at peace, a serenity that was only felt when your fath"--Tears Come From His Eyes -- "er first told me he loved me. It was a day that i could live over and over again. You were the best thing to ever happen to us. I'm sorry that I, we can't be there with you now, but at least you should have a Mer---"

'Merry Christmas' 
Scott says to himself as he wipes away his tears. 
He puts back the letter and photo,
looks into the window one last time.
He is left unnoticed,
He walks away into the cold snowy night.

Scott was found dead the next morning,
His heart was shattered,
He died from the cold,
But he also died due to being unloved. 
He was later Buried next to his mother's Grave.
"Marilyn Housser,
Died December 25th, 2000"
"Scott ' Present ' Housser
Died December 25h, 2008."

On the day of his funeral,
only one person came, 
She left her 'Present' Behind.

Internet Writings #2

Internet Writings #2

Three Options for One Decision. Always

Three Options for One Decision. Always