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Night Stars Pt.5

Night Stars Pt.5

Cara jumped at the sound of the person in the doorway. "Oh, my!" Cara got up from her seat and directed her body towards the doorway. Taking a step forward, the facial features of the silhouette came into view. "Mother. You really shouldn't scare me like that anymore", Cara stated with a sly remark. 

"Oh don't be such a pain! Come here give ya mother a hug!", the old lady gestured for Cara to come hug her with her arms stretched out. 

After a daunting thirty-second hug, an awkward silence embued. Cara and her mother looked back and forth almost talking to one another. They would both open their mouths at the same time ready to speak, but would stop to hear the other person first, until finally, Cara beat her to speak, "What are you doing here Mother?" 

"Well isn't it obvious? I'm here for you! It is your anniversary today and I wanted to treat you." The mother opened her bag, reached in, and started looking for her gift to Cara.

"Mom, it is late at night. If you were going to treat me, earlier would've been the time to do so. Now if you will--" Cara stopped speaking appalled at the gift that her mother brought out. 

Her mother was wielding an old knife. This knife was carved from what seems to be a mahogany tree and contained banded metal that smoothly integrated with the wood to make intricate designs. She pointed the knife towards her daughter. "I came here to complete the deal that we made." 

Cara was inching away from her mother, "What deal?" 

"Oh, did father forget to tell you? Oh well, he does have Alzheimer's and he cannot be trusted with anything anymore. He cannot even remember his own bathroom schedule and always ends up peeing in his chair. We really need to put him in a home. Anyway, the deal was that we would sacrifice our first daughter when she was happily married away in order to preserve the family and the planet that helps with our problems." 

"I've been married for a long time now, why wait until now to do this?" Cara was trying to stall so she could get away.

"Well, you are our daughter, deary. I did want you to at least enjoy some time with your husband, I'm not that evil hearted. You were able to know what pleasure was, and you got to know what love was." Mother directed her knife to Sam to indicate that the love Cara had was for Sam. "Anyway, come here and let's make this quick and painless."

"No! I won't come any closer to you mother. You are cold-hearted and selfless. Why would you kill me?" Cara had backed up to the wall opposite to her mother. 

"I'm not cold-hearted. Think of it as by killing you we can save millions. Do you really believe that your life is better than millions?" Mother was stepping forwards towards Cara.

"Yes. I really do. My life is better than yours and I believe that you are trying to kill me because I did better than you mother." Cara was still inching away from her mother. 

Mother didn't want to waste any more time. Her anger was beginning to boil. "Enough of this." Mother started to change. Her wrinkly pale skin started to tighten around her body, giving her youth-looking skin. Her eyes became concentrated on Cara and Mother's movement increased. 

Cara shouted, "What kind of monster are you?"

"I'm your mother, of course. Although, now, I'm more beautiful and agiler than you. There is no escape." Mother wasn't having any of Cara's shit. 

Sam was awake to witness all of this, but he lay perfectly still as to not be noticed by either party. Cara bumped into her nightstand and grabbed the lamp as a weapon. It was still plugged in and turned on, so the reach of the weapon was pretty poor. Mother jumped towards her with the knife ready to slice and stab at a second's notice. Cara quickly raised the lamp but felt tugging the other way since it was still plugged in. Mother had already accounted for this and sliced towards Cara's arm. The blade made contact, splitting the layers of skin down to the bone with ease. Blood streamed down Cara's arm, quickly dripping off her elbow or fingers depending on if her arm was raised or not. 

Sam's eyes widened as he saw his mother be struck by her mother. What kind of family could he be living in that would attack one another?

Cara kicked her mother away, but Mother sensed the kick coming on and was able to diminish the distance between Cara after the kick. It was a losing battle, and Cara had to run. She had to get to Sal to get help. The only way to Sal was to jump on the bed and run across to the door. Cara, with awareness of where Sam was, jumped onto the bed and tried to get to the other side. Mother had stepped back around the front of the bed as Cara moved onto the bed. She reached out, grabbing Cara's leg and thrusts towards herself to bring Cara down. Quickly transitioning her hand up Cara's body, Mother grabbed ahold of Cara's hair holding it back. 

"Wake up your son!" Mother demanded. "I want him to witness me slitting your throat."

Cara started to cry while rapidly moving her head trying to break Mother's grip of her hair. "No", Cara screamed. Leave my son alone! I don't want him to see this. 

Mother, with the blade in her hand, grabbed onto the blankets and sheets of the bed and pulled downwards revealing Sam's body from the blankets. Sam's eyes opened. 

"Sam!" Cara's face was red and shiny from struggling and crying. "Sam, you need to look away now." Sam's gaze kept on his mother. Mother brought the blade to Cara's neck. "Sam, look aw--" Mother had moved the blade slowly across the neck, slicing it open and stopping Cara from finishing her sentence. Sam was in shock from what he saw. His body was paralyzed, and his gaze stayed on his mother. Cara's body went limp and fell to the ground. Her blood still coming out and being absorbed by the white carpet below. Mother had left the room without a trace. 

Sam, now able to move, fell to the floor below the bed and crawled to his limp mother. "Mom?" He touched his mother's body. "Mo--Mom." Sam poked her body trying to get a response. "Come on mom this isn't funny!" He poked it again, blood spewed out of the neck a little faster. "No--no--no. No! Mom! Respond to me!" He grabbed onto his mother's hand and started sobbing. "Come on mom!" 

The End
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