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Night Stars Pt.4

Night Stars Pt.4

Sam arrived at his mother's room and entered. "Hey Ma, I ha--had another nightmare", he stated groggily. 

Cara was sitting at her makeup table looking into the mirror working on her hair. Brushing it over and over again trying to act like she is still getting ready for the event tonight. "I'm sorry to hear that son", her voice had little concern. "Where is the babysitter? She is supposed to be here by now."

"Oh, Brittany? She was in my room when I awoke. She was fast asleep it seemed and I didn't want to disturb her. Her clothes were off as well when I awoke, so I really didn't want to bother her", Sam replied. 

"What?! Her clothes were off? Why were her clothes off and were any of your clothes off?" Cara now seemed to express concern. 

"You know that when I sleep, my pajama bottoms slips down a bit. I couldn't tell if for sure that they were off or not", Sam replied. 

"Oh god. Okay, Sam. You can stay in here and go to bed here. Just lay down and close your eyes. I'll have a stern talking to with Brittany in the morning after we get back." 

Sam climbed into his mother's queen-sized bed. It was soft to lay in since the bed conformed to his body. He felt like it was sucking him in and wouldn't let him go, like a parent's touch. He watched for a couple of minutes as his mom would reapply makeup to her face to make sure that she felt good in her skin. After a few moments, his eyes started to feel heavy and his eyelids began to close without any effort.

Cara looked over at her son occasionally to see if he had fallen asleep yet or not. Depending on if he did or not would indicate to her if she could let Kyote out of the closet. When Cara noticed that Sam's eyes were closed and his breathing had slowed, she knew it was time. She knocked on the closet mirror a couple of times to indicate to Kyote that it was safe to come out. The closet door slowly slid open without much effort. "Finally. I was getting worried that you were going to leave before knowing the truth", Kyote stated as he got out of the closet.

"Truth? What truth should I believe coming from you?" Cara didn't seem thrilled to hear Kyote out.

"Listen, I know that it is weird to hear that your husband's family wants to kill you, but it is true! You are in danger!" Kyote grabbed onto Cara shaking her slightly hoping that if he moved her head back and forth a bit, it would jog some sense into her.

"Stop it!" Cara pushed away from Kyote, bumping into the bed trying not to wake Sam; however, Sam had been awake this entire time. He pretended to be asleep just as Brittany pretended to be. Cara was looking up into the dreamy eyes of Kyote, "What makes you think that you are true?"

"Well for starters, they put Sal under intense physical alterations. He didn't have the same features like me before this. He used to be a brunette with the facial features of a monstrosity. He used to look like William Finley. His parents understood you and your feelings. They knew that you were previously attracted to me." Sara was astounded as to how the family knew so much. "They wanted to get to you. You were attracted to me, but as you know, I didn't want to get settled down, so they made a replacement that you settled with. They did this because they wanted to get near you and want to kill you. I don't know why but I think they must have some reason behind this. You need to hide your son from your husband."

Cara, still astounded, looked at her son and then back to Kyote. "I cannot do this. You need to take him away. Come back and do all that you can to take my son away from my husband! If you are correct about this, then you are the only one that can protect him!" Cara started to cry.

"Okay. I must go before your husband finds out." Kyote gingerly left the room and snuck around the house to find a way out without being caught by Sal.

Cara sat back in her chair, wiping away the tears and redoing her makeup for a third time trying to fix what had been messed up from the previous altercation.

In the mirror, there was a silhouette from the doorway. "Hello there, deary"

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