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Night Stars Pt.2

Night Stars Pt.2

Mr. Ugrot turned in his chair towards Sal, who had sweat dropping profusely from his forehead. "What happened that night?" demanded Mr. Ugrot from the paranoid Sal.

"Nothing." Sal immediately snapped back. "If you don't mind, I won't answer anymore questions with my lawyer present. Please leave, I must speak with my son now."

Mr. Ugrot got up from the leather chair and swiftly walked out from the room towards the front door that was painted red. The door had a small semi-circle rose glass at the top but it was distorted from seeing clearly to the other side. Mr. Ugrot turned around once he opened the door to shout, "I'll be back Sal. We will get to the bottom of this occurrence."

Sal walked to his son whom had returned to his position in the backyard staring at the starry sky. Sal picked up one of the chairs from his glass table on the deck and brought it over next to Sam then sat down on it. Leaning forward, he demanded that his son tell him what he saw in his dream. 

"I can't remember father. My memory now comes to me in short bursts. I cannot remember a whole, not after her death." Same stopped. Looking to the stars calmly, "Do you know why I come out here? Why every night I stare into the sky? Why my night resolve around a world that is millions of years away?" 

"No son, I do not." Sal stated calmly. He grabbed onto his son's arm, "Why don't you tell me? You haven't truly spoken to me in weeks! I miss you, son. Please talk to your father about these things." 

"Look daddy!" Sam pointed into the sky at a shiny star. It seeemed to change colors as though it was a planet that was easily viewable from earth. "Mommy brought me out here a week before her death. She pointed at that same star and told me that all my problems are resolved there. Problems that are obtained from this world travel millions of miles to that star where they are resolved and flow back to this world." Sam looked to his father. "That is why I have been staring at the stars. I am waiting for my resolved problem to come back to this world so I do not feel this pain anymore." 

Sal didn't believe his son. What kind of things has his wife been telling his child? What is was going through her head? He stopped thinking of all the possibilities and looked back at his child. "What problem do you have, son?" 

"Sorry dad, but mother said that the problem can only be resolved if the far off planet was the only one to know." Sam looked back at the stars.

"Damn it Sam! What is wrong with you? That planet up there," Sal gestured towards the stars, "it doesn't fucking exist!" Sal yelled at his child. 

Sam's eyes grew empty, tears filled his eyes and his fists clenched with rage. Sal saw the rage build up in his child about to blow. Sal started to back off from his child. He was a bit late though, Sam had gone into a complete mindless rage. Arms were swinging and blood was spewing as he punched anything that he could. As Sam starting to calm down, the fists would slow. He couldn't believe what he had just done, so he rushed to the door to the inside. CLUNK! A door within the house was slammed and sobbing of a child could be heard within the quiet neighborhood. 

Sal felt warmth falling from his face. He slowly reached for this dispersing warmth. The warmth was like liquid, it spilled into his hand and flowed to the ground beneath him. He went inside slowly, trying to forget about Sam. His son had never done this before nor would he think that it would ever happen again. Sal walked indoors and to his room. He walked into the pearl white bathroom that hasn't been touched since his wife died. This bathroom was her's. It was left untouched from that night. The shower curtain stretched over the shower, the toilet seat was down, but the hair dryer and straightener were still plugged in. Even though it was hazardous, Sal didn't want to change any of it. 

Sam was lying face-down inhis bed, tears still falling from his eyes, fists were bruised, bloody and started to swell up. His mother was on his mind. He sees her in a white tube top and jeans that looked new. He loved her, he would have done anything for her. His eyes slowly close and he is lost in sleep, with a dream of his mother coming on. 

Sal, after cleaning the wounds on his face, noticed that his face had swelled up around his eyes and cheek bones. How can a little kid do this to me? he thought. His nose was still dripping with blood. He took some toilet paper and stuck it up his nose. He staggered out of the bathroom, his face throbbing with pain. As he left, he forgot to turn the light off. Sal's bedroom was across the house, past the open kitchen, which the island in the middle only had sets of knives on. As Sal was walking by he couldn't stop thinking about how terrible his son acted and how abuse his son was. He wanted to get revenge on his son for hurting his face because the press was going to be showing up soon. He saw the butcher's knife that was out by the cutting board. Sal's anger took control. Quickly snatching the knife, Sal went off to his child's room. 


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