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Night Stars Pt.1

Night Stars Pt.1

"There he is Mr--" hesitated Sal.

"Ugrot, Mr. Ugrot", said the investigator. Pointing his greasy index finger at the kid, "What is he doing?"

"Oh Sam? He is looking at the night stars, Mr. Ugrot" said Sal. Sam has been standing in the same position with his head bent upwards looking at the twinkling stars for about thirty minutes. His legs were shaking and sweat ran down Sam's face. Even though standing is such a way was uncomfortable to Sam, he kept at it in order to see the night stars.

"He says that when he stares at the stars, he sees his mom, Cara", stated Sal.

"Where is this said, 'Cara'?" asked Mr. Ugrot.

"Dead, sir. Died right in from of Sam. Poor kid still has nightmares from that day." A moment of silence fell upon the entire room, leaving everyone feeling uncomfortable.

"How long does he stand there for?" asked Mr. Ugrot.

"Every night that the stars are out, he is out there. I can't say for how long because I go to sleep before he comes back in. He says that there is a better world out there, one in which Cara, him and I can live in peacefully. I really hope he doesn't get too obsessed with that thought, though."

"Can I ask how she died? I will listen if you are willing to tell, it could also help me try to figure out your decisions." 

"Uh--sure. Follow me, I don't need Sam to hear this." Sal started to walk away into another room. Mr. Ugrut followed until he noticed a photo on a stand in the hallway. The frame was made of polished wood, seemed homemade like a gift from Sal to Cara. the frame held a picture of the three of them: Cara off to the side with Sal looking away from the camera into the distance. In the distance was the setting of the sun, the crescent moon next to it and what appeared to be a shooting star in the middle of the two. What a phenomenon! Mr. Ugrot thought to himself as Sal came back from a room to find Mr. Ugrot. "Don't get lost now. It is a big house." They both entered into an office like room. There were two chairs sitting across from a desk with a fancier chair behind the desk. "Please sit", commanded Sal. Mr. Ugrot took a seat in a leather chair that made a squeak when he would move around in it. Sal walked around the desk and sat in the swivel leather chair. "Hmm. Where should I start?"

"Wherever you would like to, sir", said Mr.Ugrot. 

"Hmph. The day was the ninth of June, 2013. It was our anniversary, sir. I remember her dressed in her pearl white dress with pearl earrings and a white diamond necklace. We had plans to go to the theater with another couple. We were going to see--to see--uh. I'm sorry I can't seem to remember." 

"Just tell me what you do remember. It would be of much help to me."

"She died in front of my eyes Mr." Sam said as he entered the room.

Sal jumped up surprised on how his son made it into the room. Sal thought that he locked the door previously. "how did you get in here son? I thought I locked the door."

"You are having really bad memory loss, father. You can't even remember how she died, how are you going to remember if you locked a door if you can't even remember that?" Sam didn't sound proud of his father. His tone was blunt and gave off a condescending vibe when he spoke to his father. "Also, I have mother's key to the house. She gave it to me before she died. She told me 'when you are old enough, use this to unlock my gift to you'."

"Excuse me, but have you figure out what this 'gift' is?" asked Mr. Ugrot.

"No, Mr. I haven't. My naivety of this world keeps me from it." 

"What do you mean son?" asked Sal.

"Well, I was visited by mom. She has come to me in a dream. She told em what the key was used for, shared some of my childhood, but also told me things about the two of you." Sam told his father. 

"What did she tell you of us?" Sal demanded from his son. 

"She told me that thatt is for my knowing, no one else's." Sam stated back.

"Sam, how did you mother die? What happened to her?" asked Mr. Ugrot. 

"It was my parents' anniversary, like my father previously stated. She was looking in the mirror, wondering how she would look like in some dresses that she bought. She couldn't find my father to ask his opinion, nor would she look for him. She wanted to surprise him since it was their anniversary", Sam replied. "Her mirror hung on a slidable door to her closer. She slid the door open and as she did, she saw 'him'." Sam's eyes dashed towards his father and drifted back slowly trying to indicate to Mr. Ugrot that 'him' was his father. 

"Wait, wait, wait. Are you trying to say that your father killed your mother?" Mr. Ugrot asked skeptically, "Don't you think that would be our first suspect?"

"Nope". Same swiftly left the room and into the growing darkness of the house from the growing night sky. 

Night Stars Pt.2

Night Stars Pt.2

Weekend Writings #10

Weekend Writings #10