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My High Fidelity

My High Fidelity

I have had many girlfriends in the past. I am not really happy about the many that I have had because I don't like the double standards that are set in place with the "master key" reference.

After watching "High Fidelity" I thought that I should take a crack at ranking all my previous girlfriends. If you haven't seen high fidelity, it is a John Cusack movie in which he constantly talks to the audience with lists and rankings of his favorite songs, top five worst breakups, and other rankings and lists. Throughout the movie, he goes through the top five worst breakup girls and starting asking him what was wrong between them to make them split in order to save his most recent relationship. It is a pretty good movie for music enthusiasts and people wanting to watch a romance movie. I wanted to make a list of the most notable past girlfriends of mine and rank them as worst breakups. I will not be sharing their actual names due to personal reasons, and because I don't want them to feel discouraged. I'm not the best at naming people so I will be using a random fantasy name generator to create their names, but the description of the breakup will be real.  So let's start off! 


The relationship between Tanimrie and I was serious. In fact, it was the first serious relationship, or at least serious enough for me to still remember her, that I had. Our relationship lasted for two years, on and off due to school. Early on in our relationship, I cheated on her by holding hands with another girl. Due to this, Tanimrie was very angry and went into a rage. She collected her friends together for a meeting to torture me by taunting and bothering me until I got back with Tanimrie. I agreed because I didn't want them to taunt and bother me. After being stuck in the relationship for quite a long time, I confronted her and told her that we were going to split. She replied back immediately with "no". I argued for a bit stating that it was over. The next day, she brought in severed heads of barbie dolls and said that I'd end up like her dolls if I didn't stay with her. 

Final Verdict: She cray. 


I met Nimrellye in middle school during a night at the club (by club I really do mean dance club. It was attached to our local skating rink and that was the hangout for middle schoolers). She did the whole 'I'm rude because I like you and I have a hard time explaining it to you' move on me. I was actually trying to date her friend at the time, but I ended up with Nimrellye. Our relationship spanned over two grades, but in total, we were together for six months. The reasoning for our breakup was my unintelligent and unrealistic ego telling me that I could get anyone I wanted. I ended up leaving Nimrellye, but we would get back together on and off until she found a new boyfriend. Her non-immediate family, like her friends, would beat me for treating Nimrellye poorly, and this also factored into our ultimate demise.

Final Verdict: Not so bad, but I should've seen where things could've gone.


Mithrime was the girl I went for after Nimrellye, but our relationship only lasted for two months. Our mutual friends thought that we would be perfect for one another and I didn't know what they were thinking because I thought she was out of my league. My friend was hitting on her the entire time that we were together and I was in a new school with barely any friends so I didn't want to tell my friend no. She ended falling for him and we broke up because of this. I let the relationship end because I lost interest partway through as well because I noticed that she took a liking to my friend and I didn't want to compete. 

Final Verdict: I'm surprised I can still remember this relationship.


Aerith was a cold hearted bitch. There actually wasn't much of a relationship because when we got together the world connected, but the moment we were away from each other, our worlds were so different that it couldn't work. She was very bitchy because she wanted everything to be kept secret about our relationship. This is probably because she was working on dating an upperclassman but wanted someone to give her the attention that the upperclassman wasn't. Our relationship in total lasted five hours. 

Final Verdict: A bitch, but for an understandable reason.


Not much to say about Imloten. She wanted to make out constantly and there was only that interest between us. We would play guitar hero together in her basement which was pretty cool because I could impress her with my sweet moves while playing! I don't really know why our relationship ended, it just did. 

Final Verdict: I can't really remember much, but I miss guitar hero.


Here we go. My first sexual partner. Anellas and I knew each other for about a month. We met because I was dating her friend previously. Her friend isn't on this list because she was so insignificant that I only just remembered that I was dating her as I wrote this. On the first day that we hung out, she showed me her bare chest and on the fourth day that we knew each other we were committing sexual acts on each other. This relationship only lasted the month that we knew each other and then after we broke up she went from guy to guy committing sexual acts until she moved away from the school. I wanted to have a meaningful relationship with her, and I knew that since we already committed the sexual acts, meaning in the relationship was lost because we would just use each other for sexual pleasure. 

Final Verdict: I wish we didn't act upon the sexual instincts so that we could've had a normal relationship.


My friends and family disliked Altas because she used me for money and because they couldn't understand her. I didn't mind Altas because she was kinda nice and was an in into the "it" crowd. Dating her would've given me access to hang out with the popular people, sadly I didn't realize that this access was only given to me when I was around her. She was the first person that I had an actual date with and she loved coming out because she never had to pay. I paid for everything and at that time I was broke. Well, I'm still broke, but worse then. Our relationship lasted a total of three months because we dated a bit in ninth grade and then again in the beginning of tenth grade.

Final Verdict: She used me to make someone else jealous.


Ilminduing is the girl that stands out the most to me. She was the first that I had a real connection with and I wish that this was never lost. Our relationship lasted six months exactly because we ended up breaking up on our sixth month anniversary (because you celebrate these things as a high school couple). Ilminduing is the reason that I celebrate 'ex-s day'. She has left such a huge imprint on my mind that I am still reminded of our relationship every day. The reason for our breakup was because I was planning a special date on our sixth month anniversary because it was a huge deal to me. I had spent a lot of money and time for it to work out a certain way on that day and not until a couple of days before the sixth month anniversary did she tell me that she was going to be busy on that day. I flipped shit and we got into our first fight because of this. In the fight, everything poured out because I was storing all the bad things that occurred over those sixth months. I told her that I had been comparing her to all my previous girlfriends and mostly against Altas because Altas was the girl I left for Ilminduing. During our relationship, I was scared to lose Ilminduing and I overreacted way too much over every little detail. She was the best thing to ever happen to me and I didn't want the relationship to end. 

Final Verdict: This relationship meant everything to me and it still hurts thinking about it. 


This relationship lasted one week because I wanted someone to talk to and to cuddle with after Ilminduing and I split up. Serode was there for me and we both kinda considered it a relationship because we did cuddle and kiss a bit more than just friends should.

Final Verdict: This relationship wasn't long enough for me to gain feelings.


Arel was in my friend group for a long time before I decided to ask her out. It was two years since the split between Ilminduing and I and this would be the first real relationship after the breakup that I would have. I found out during the relationship that I would be moving away due to family issues. She ended it because she didn't want to gain feelings knowing that there was a definite end. 

Final Verdict: She didn't want to test it out but she was a great friend. It sucked to lose both.


This girl didn't even like me. Her mother put us together because she thought that we would be a great fit. We broke up for the same reason as Arel and me. 

Final Verdict: She yelled at me for not groping her. I didn't want another Anellas. 


Tanyasu was my college relationship. She reminded me so much of Ilminduing. I loved her for that, but I also hated myself for that. I felt like Augustus from The Fault in Our Stars because I was dating Tanyasu because she reminded me of an old ex instead of dating her for who she was. I did enjoy her company and she corrected all the imperfections of Ilminduing because Tanyasu was a gamer and she enjoyed being around me while I played video games. She would even want to jump in on the game. Our relationship lasted for three months but it felt that it lasted so much longer. It hurt me everyday to know that she reminded me of Ilminduing but she wasn't Ilminduing. I had to end it because I was being fake to her and I don't want to be fake dating someone because it is unfair to them. They don't to experience the real me. 

Final Verdict: I wish I could redo this relationship and give her the real me. 

Final Rankings:

  1. Ilminduing - Because I still think of her.
  2. Tanyasu - Because I wasn't true to her.
  3. Arel - Because we had an amazing connection, just couldn't act upon that. 
  4. Nimrellye - Because I knew she was amazing and still let her go.
  5. Tanimrie - Because she would kill me if she wasn't on this list. 



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