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Weekend Writings #7

Weekend Writings #7

My dreams are weird fantastic creations that my mind makes for me. I love sleeping every night because it feels like I'm living someone else's life and their life is way more entertaining. Time can slow down, or it can speed up. Love can exist any which way, and there is always excitement around the corner; however, there is also sadness and death. 

In this piece, it felt as though the beginning of my dreaming where I had a choice to follow down different paths. I could choose to have a happy dream, or I could choose for a heavy heart with the other. 

Again I dream,
This time of another few,
A few that renders me helpless.

As within,
I hear that angel voice but it isn't the one I follow. 
The other voice,
The screeching, high-pitch, ear-irritating noise is the one I'm following.

What is this darkness,
And who are these girls that walk by me, pushing me down,
Damaging my heart. 
These women that I hold are only here to push me away
Keeping me from another mistake and yet another regret.

The pins shattered and the walls are then created. 
She stands behind one,
Which one could it be?

Searching through the darkness,
Through these walls,
I come across a corner,
There is one,
One that I have held in my arms. 
Scared for what could happen next, I put my arms around her waist, only to be pushed over once again. 
She vanishes, sparkling dust remains falling slowly to the floor.

Could this be the end
Is this the way I die
Sitting here alone
No one by my side
I don't understand
I don't think that I deserve this
What did I do wrong
I just don't understand.

Give me one more chance
Let me explain
You took me for a ride
Next thing that I know
I'm frightened for my life.
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