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Weekend Writings #3

Weekend Writings #3

I got a lot of inspiration and wording from music. I have always enjoyed listening to music because of the effects it has on me. Music makes me think straight, it allows me to think outside the box, it gives me joy, and it also makes me sad. For a majority of my poems, I have used music as a writing point taking a line or two from various songs and smashing them together to see what they form. This act is much like the form of Dada Poetry. Since I have always been a more depressed child on the inside, the poems always lead towards lust, love, heartbreak and death. It has actually been the way I think writing should be because I cannot pick up a feel good book without being totally bored with it within minutes. I need to have some heartbreak, or melancholy to keep me intertwined with happy pieces of work. From this, I've come to think that the only things worth writing were depressing, melancholy work that would lead most of my elders and teachers to believe that I was suicidal. 

When I started to write in ninth grade, I remember giving two poems away. I don't own these pieces of work anymore so I cannot share them with you all. I know the first piece of writing was a lust/love poem that had music roots in it. It talked about the blues like in reference to Elton John's song "I Guess that's Why they Call it the Blues" because I wrote on there something along the lines of being single and feeling sad, thus having the blues. The other piece that I gave out was about what the 'perfect world' would be. It went through all the things that would make a perfect world, and then disregarded it all because of one simple matter, a child was being bullied for who they were. 

Anyway here is the poem:

"Come and Go...I Won't Be"

It's amazing
How you make yourself
Come and go
How I turn my head
Lose it all
How you take your
Heart and turn
it off

I'm not saying
There was nothing wrong
I just didn't think
You would ever get tired of me

But if that is how
You are going to leave

I will be alone
for people make this life lonelier.

I just couldn't
understand it.

I will not move on
till my heart tells me so
while you are with
guy to guy
forever challenged with love
For I was your man.

I was the one who
saved you
Kept You
Held you
Gave you love till it numbed you.

Leave now,
you will go without love
For it will be your finest mistake.

Weekend Writings #4

Weekend Writings #4

End of the World (Pt.5)

End of the World (Pt.5)