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End of the World (Pt.5)

End of the World (Pt.5)

"I can't feel my legs! Oh god! Oh god! Oh god!" Elizabeth was freaking out. "It isn't like they are asleep, I just can't feel them. I see them, but when my eyes are closed, I can only feel down to my ass! What are you doing! Come over here! Make me feel my feet again!" She was yelling when I came in. It puzzled me because I've never seen her yell before, yeah she got loud during our arguments, but this had real emotion to it, not the fake emotion she acts when giving her argument. I didn't know what to do, so I stood in a gaze. "Come on! Get the bat in the corner!" I turned to the corner of the room. The bat that I got her for her birthday, I had it specially carved with our initials and painted with what looked to be barbed wire behind it to show that we bind each other together. Quickly, I grabbed the bat, got to the bed and wound up my swing. "DO IT! MAKE ME FEEL AGAIN!" I swung the bat towards her foot, but I swung a little bit too high and only hit her toes. I could hear the contact between the bat and her toes and the sound was pleasant to hear, but the sight was not pleasant to see. The sound of wood crackling as fire burns through it, but the sight of mangled toes and toes nails dripping slowly with blood. "Nothing! Ha ha, oh god nothing!" She was freaking out beyond recognition. Laughing to what she thought was pain, crying because it wasn't and happy because I was her accomplice in all of this. 

Her father ran into the room noticing me first holding a bat wound back ready to strike her daughter again while her daughter laying in bed in hysterics. "What the fuck are you doing, boy? Put that bat down before I beat you with it!" 

"Dad, I cannot feel them anymore"

"Well of course you can't your punk boyfriend just broke your fucking toes!" He spoke as he got closer to her legs finally noticing the broken bloody toes. "Oh man, that won't heal right." 

"No dad, I cannot feel my legs! What is going on! Why is my body doing this to me!!" Elizabeth was still hysterical, but I had to back away because I was scared of her father. 

"The doctor told us that your body was self destroying itself, but you wouldn't do the treatment! This is what happ--"

"I didn't do the treatment because I wanted to live in my last few days! I wanted to see him--pointed to me-- happy just one last time! I wanted to be with my friends. I wanted to argue. I didn't want to die in a hospital bed without seeing them all one last time!" Why would she want to see me? I never thought too highly of myself, and all we did was have constructed arguments that eventually boiled down into me doing an impression of John Cleese from the "argument sketch" of Monty Python. After hearing those words, I couldn't help to smile. 

"Honey, what's wro-- OH GOD WHAT IS GOING ON IN HERE??" Elizabeth's mother walked into the room seeing the horrific sight of a hysterical half naked daughter, blood, a boy in the corner and her husband caressing her daughter. 

"Mom, I can't feel them anymore, what is going on? Why is this happening to me? What did I do to deserve this?" 

"You did nothing deary. You just weren't lucky. You managed to get a rare disease that destroys your body by over consuming nutrients. When it starts to run out of the surplus, it attacks the body trying to get nutrients. You did nothing to get this disease, it just happened. Listen, you father and I are going to go get the doctor and we will be back in a little while." She states to her hysterical half naked dying daughter. Then she turns to me, "Don't you fucking dare destroy another part of her body, you hear me?" I nodded, but inside I was petrified. Is this really happening, or am I dreaming of all of this? Why is my girlfriend acting like this, she is going to live, she is going to make it through all of this. 

Her mother and father leave the room and jump into the car as fast as they can. The car revs up and speeds out onto the street waking almost everyone on the street up from their deep slumber. The night is still dark, no moon, and no street lamps. 

"Come closer. I want to hold you and feel you while I still can. Don't mind the blood." She held her arms out towards me. I walked into reach and into her arms. Her hand was cold like she was already dead. "NO! Not this already! I can't feel you with my hands. I know that I'm touching you but I cannot feel your force back onto my hands! No. No. No. No. NO!" 

I quickly hug her, "Can you feel this?" 

"Yes! Yes I can. Don't leave, I want to feel you while I still can." Her arms squeezed around my body. 

"I won't leave. You will get better. You will make it throu--"

"Shh. That doesn't matter now. You are here with me and that is all I need currently."

About fifteeen minutes went by and we laid there holding each other. Even after my arms started to hurt from being laid on, I still held onto her. I didn't care if my arm fell asleep. 

Downstairs, a door creaks open slightly. "Did you hear that?" I questioned. 

"Not a thing. You must be hearing things." She answered swiftly back. I shrugged the sound away and continued to look into her eyes while she was soon to reach her last breath. The stairs creeked as though someone was walking up the stairs. 

"Okay, I definitely heard that!" I jumped out of bed and grabbed onto the bat that I gave her and then beat her with. "Who's there?" I belowed out.

Slowly the door open slightly ajar. My eyes open wide. A shadow! No. No. No. She can't be dying she can't be! It isn't her time to go! Not yet! Not while the world is ending soon! I need her to stay with me until the end of my life too, not just hers! I charge towards the shadow swinging the bat towards its ghoulish head. "No!" I yelled. "You cannot take her from me! Not yet!" 

Elizabeth grabbed her blankets and brought them close to her head thinking that if the thing that I was attacking couldn't see her, then it would leave. "What are you attacking?"

"Elizabeth, this...this thing. I watched this thing kill an old man at the nursery home. It latched on to the old man and sucked something out of him. Can't you see it?" The shadow was near the window now. It push on the window opening it. "Oh no you don't! You are not leaving this house in one piece!" I rushed towards the shadow swinging, but again I missed. The shadow now in the corner where I was standing not an hour ago. "You will not kill her. She is the love of my life, she is everything to me and you are not going to take everything away from me! Not tonight!" I hold the bat up high ready to clobber the shit out of the shadow, but the shadow doesn't flinch. Doesn't even move at all. It is fixated on Elizabeth, like something is going on. 

The shadow points its claw towards Elizabeth, then disappates. I turn around towards Elizabeth, and there is another shadow on top of Elizabeth with its claw clenched to her head. "NO!" I yell as I run towards the shadow, but it disappates before I reach it. Elizabeth lies motionless on the bed. "No! No! No! AGHHH!" I scream and yell. I grab onto her body and hold it close to mine. Her head and arms heavy with no support. "Come on don't die! Don't die." Tears well up in my eyes.

I can hear the television turn on in the other room. "You survived! Apparently we at the news network and the scientists were wrong! The world isn't going to end! Not in our lifetime at least!" He sounded happy, but he was wrong. The world did end. 

My world. My world ended. 

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