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End of the World (Pt.4)

End of the World (Pt.4)

After the movie, I was kindly asked to leave so her parents could tend to her. It was hard for me to bare witness to Elizabeth looking and being as weak as she looked. On my walk home, I couldn't stop thinking that there were odd events this week. First the news about the end of the world. Why did that come up all of a sudden? If the world is really going to end, why aren't there more people looting the place or quitting their jobs to spend time with their families? Maybe it is my town because I've heard of looting in other places of the world.

Once arriving home, my family was around the dinner table waiting for me. They knew it was movie night but they had no clue of Elizabeth's current condition. I didn't either until tonight. Why did she hide this from me until it has become too serious? Why didn't she tell me until I was too engrossed into her? There are so many 'why's, but there will never be a simple answer.

"Son, you alright over there? You are acting like you are on drugs." My father asked. I didn't realize what he meant until he pointed out that all I did was walk in the door, take my shoes off and then just stared at the wall. 

"Sorry, father. It has been a mixed day. I'm just going to go to bed. I had dinner over at Elizabeth's." I had to lie. I didn't want to speak to anyone about the knowledge I learned today. I headed up the wooden stairs, each step making a creak as I went up. Mother didn't even seem to look over at me, she was too engrossed with other things to ever pay attention to me. The hallway to my room seemed endless even though it was only a five step walk. The hallway wasn't illuminated by the downstairs lights. Shadows started to move around. Slowly the shadows moved in a circular pattern around my door. Reaching towards my doorknob I felt a quick piercing pain to the hand. Rapidly turned the handle, rushed into my room and turned on the light, but there wasn't anything stabbed through my hand. What was this that I just felt? I don't think I electrocuted myself just then, but I could've. I sit down on my firm bed that I've had as a small child massaging my hand as I do.

After pondering the reason for my hand hurting, I laid down and fell asleep in my clothes from school. BZZ....BZZ....BZZ... I jolted forward. What was this buzzing and where was it coming from? My leg vibrated again. Oh, must be my phone. Oh shit, it's Elizabeth.

"HEY! Hey! You..YOU need to get over here right NOW!"


"-." She hung up. This isn't like Elizabeth. She doesn't call me anymore. With great speed, and terrible athleticism I got up from my bed, sprayed water on my face and ran out the door. The darkness of the outside consumed me instantly. The only things on this early in the morning were street lamps and old people. The quickest way to get to Elizabeth's house was to run near the old folk's home.

As I turned onto the street with the old folk's house on it, I stopped dead in my tracks. Again, there it was, the shadow. This time, it took a humanoid form, but it wasn't complete. It was staring straight at the old folk's home. What was it doing here? Why does it look like it is waiting for something? I looked down at my phone. The light blinded me for a second. It was 2:47 am, the perfect time to old folk's to start to wake up.

In the old folk's home, one of the windows was lighting up and disappearing over and over again. That person must be watching television. The shadow was fixated on that window. It started to move forward towards the window. As it walked through the grass it made no noise, but the grass seemed to move around the shadow like it was a physical object. I had to follow, I had to understand what the shadow was doing. I, as stealthfully as I could, crouched down and was slowly following the shadow to its destination. 

The shadow was inches away from the window now. It raised what seems to be an arm up to the window and pushed the window open, climbed into the room and was fixated on the television. What was it waiting for? The old man was laying in his bed, half awake with his eyes slightly open looking at the tv. After a few minutes, the regularly scheduled show went to commercial break. The first commercial was for a brand new Kia. There was no change in the old man's expression until the next commercial. It was an infomercial for pilates workouts. The shadow turned away from the tv and focused on the old man. Walking towards the old man, the shadow reached out its arm and claws started to appear reaching for the old man's face. I can't believe that this old man is oblivious to his surroundings! Is the pilates commercial with voluptuous girls really that much better? The old man had a smirk on his face and then the shadow attacked. Its claws latched onto the man's face and starting to pull out what looked to be a shadow from the man's mouth. This shadow was killing the old man. 

I ran away scared from what I just witnessed. I ran all the way to Elizabeth's house not stopping for a moment's breath. Upon reaching her house I noticed that her window was open too! This cannot be, there is no way that a shadow could be here too! I quickly climbed on the side of the porch onto the small roofing to get to her window. I climbed in.

"Help!" Elizabeth yelled. I can't feel them anymore...

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