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End of the World (Pt.3)

End of the World (Pt.3)

"Aren't we all?" I said jokingly, but with a melancholy deep tone. 

"You can really be an ass you know." Elizabeth slammed her hands on the table, gathered her belonging then left the table walking at a brisk pace away from me. As she turned the corner, her hand was wiping her eyes.

I really didn't understand what I said. I mean the world is ending, the news even said so! I heard the whispers from other classmates. "Did you hear about the bus falling over?" "Yeah, I'm surprised no one died." I knew that if I tried to join in on the conversation, I would be yelled at. Instead, I got up from the table and went to the library to brush up for our next conversation. Hopefully, we still have one tomorrow. 

The conversation topic for tomorrow was based on the book, "Cloud Atlas". Do our previous lives foretell our lives based on the events that our previous lives went through? I wouldn't really know the answer to this because I do not remember anything of my previous life. Some weird people around the world state that they could relive memories that our previous lives went through, but they do that through dreaming. When I dream, I foretell the future. I guess my stance on this would have to be 'no'. I state 'no' for three reasons. First, they do not because I cannot remember my previous life. Secondly, the advancement of the world from one life to the next has differed greatly that all the small details couldn't possibly already be chosen for us and finally, I don't believe in fate. Everyone is random and the lucky ones find each other randomly. I believe that Elizabeth and I are part of the lucky ones. 

After school Elizabeth and I usually meet up on the corner of her road and then walk back to her house back she wasn't on the corner today. Did I really say something that I shouldn't have? I'm going to figure out what was going on because we are supposed to watch a Troma movie today and those are always the best to watch. I walk down her road. It doesn't look familiar, there are trees and cars along the road. I don't remember seeing them when I walked with her. Then again, I don't remember ever looking around to view these things. Her house was the same light blue house that I remember. Her parents seemed to be home since the Camry and Rav4 are in the driveway. Knocking on the door was a weird experience, I haven't had to do this since the first time that I was here. Her father came to answer the door.

"Hello there. Listen, I don't think that this is a good time to see her."

"Why isn't this a good time? Is she really that mad at me?" 

"Did you two have a really bad argument this time? Don't make me remind you of the time you two had the argument of whether if ducks are pedestrians when they walk in a crosswalk."

"Trust me, sir, I would love to be with her. Also, they are pedestrians. Would you run a duck over?" I stated as I snuck around him to see her.

"Not in my Camry, that would destroy the car! Maybe in my rav4 beca--" His voice seemed to disappear from my ears. There she was. Elizabeth was hunched over trying to catch her breath as though she just ran seven miles. Her hair color seemed to disappear. Originally it was brunette, then a couple of days ago I saw a change and now white. It is perfectly white, beautifully white.

My hand reaches away from my side towards her head. "Hey, are you doing alright?" My hand reaches her hair, it feels weak, brittle and unhealthy. It feels like she took sandpaper to her hair. It wasn't the same fluff that I used to run my hands through while massaging her head as she rested her head on my shoulder. "Were you not lying earlier? About..y'know.. dying?" 

She has trouble catching her breath. "Woo..Woo..Yeah..Wasn't lying." I can feel the pain that it gives her to say that. I will soon no longer have a partner to face the end of the world with.

Her mother comes from the kitchen. "Steve told me that you were here. Elizabeth kinda knew that you would come over anyway since it is the tradition. She is having a hard time currently, but she would still like to keep the tradition." Elizabeth nods and lays back on the couch allowing her to see me finally. She must feel so much pain seeing me worry about her. "She also told me that you two weren't able to argue today, so instead of watching a Troma movie as regularly planned, she thought it would be better for you two to watch "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" because you both had the same viewpoint."

I nod and retrieve the movie and put it into the player and turn the television on. Before switching it to the player, the news is on. 'The end of the world is just a couple of days away. Make sure that you do everything that you wish to do within that time,' the news anchor states.

"Let's not watch this depressing news. How about the depressing movie now?" The movie starts and I sit next to her. She grabs onto my hand. Her hand is freezing. This isn't right, her body used to be the warmest object in the room. I was always the cold one and she would counteract that with her warmth. Now we are two cold ice cubes trying to find warmth from someone taking us out of the freezer. 

I know that she will get better. She has to get better. She has to be with me through it all. Don't die just yet. 

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