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End of the World (Pt.2)

End of the World (Pt.2)

"Well, alright." I didn't really understand why she could be saddened at a time like this. School was ending soon, and so was the world. It was the best time for a majority of us teenagers because the death that we joked about was finally coming true. What a time to be alive! 

However, I couldn't stop thinking of the possibilities of her sadness. She wasn't really sad when I won the argument during our Brave New World talk, and we planned to watch a really terrible movie today as our weekly custom so it couldn't be either of them. 

Elizabeth looked up, and even though they weren't in an argument she still saw her boyfriend with the same joyous smile on his face. Why could he be so happy? She pondered on this question for quite some time. Silence consumed them, it was a first and others at their table were in shock and awe that they could finally be quiet for once. The rest of the cafeteria were in high spirits as per usual. Food flew in the air as the jocks bullied on the lesser males and women ran with their hands upon their face as the alpha female, or as everyone knew her as, "The Big Bitch", brought out all the flaws of the lesser females to her. Anyplace in the school was typical except between the two sitting silent across each other. 

"C--Could you remind me of how we met?" Elizabeth asked. My face dropped, and my thoughts were quickly trying to gather the correct words that would make the story sound more romantic than it really was. 

"Well you know it better than I do, so let me tell it from your point of view instead." She nodded with confusion. She had never heard it from my point of view. "There once was a mother and a father. The mother was a beautiful blonde and the father still had hair. They loved each other very much and they really wanted to have a lovely baby boy, but instead they ended up with a girl. They contemplated the name of this child for many days, but couldn't come up with anything unique, so they went with a very generic name of Elizabeth. The child had really dark brown hair and they couldn't be happier. Sadly, they couldn't fit in a simplistic small apartment in the city. They decided to pack up and move to the suburbs where life is calmer and raising a child is more of a norm."

"Can't we just skip to when we met?" 

"Ugh...fine. Miss out on the whole Sassy Princess times why don't you. After sixteen glorious years of playing with dollies and watching Dawson's Creek, she was starting Junior year of high school. This was the norm for all students except for Mr. Beard face. He has been here for decades and yet still can't graduate. It was a couple of days from the start of school when she met the love of her life. It was around nine in the morning. She was walking down the hallway holding her notebooks tightly to her body so nothing could knock them out, and if anything did, she must congratulate it. This beautiful girl was headed to Calculus AB to learn more about derivatives before her big test at the end of the week. As she was turning a corner, time slowed and a majestic man appeared. He was already too close for comfort. His face rippled as he ran was running down the hallway. His mouth was opening slightly as in to say, "woo-ooh", but it was already too late. BOOM! This majestic man knocked the beautiful girl down onto the ground and her papers went flying. That is how we met."

"What about you panicking thinking that you killed me because I was unresponsive for a bit?"

"Oh you were fine, and I wasn't panicking that you were dead. I was panicking because I didn't know proper CPR, and I didn't want it to look like I was making out with a corpse." 

She giggled and smiled. "I'm sorry that I didn't want to speak about today's topic."

"Oh! No, it is fine. I was going to lose anyway because I thought that there shouldn't be secrets being kept from anyone. This can be seen by the main character getting friends after letting others know that his friend committed suicide." Her expression diminished.

"So you believe that all secrets must be told?"

"That I do. Let me give you an example. I was told that sex was the greatest thing of all when I was young, but I didn't really know what sex was. I was told that it was when your wee-wee rubs against something for a long time. After being told such things, I stuck stuffed animals down my PJs, so my wee-wee could rub against something." Elizabeth's face was in disgust.

She shrugged it off, but she couldn't look at me for a couple of minutes. "Alrighty."

"So Whats your secret? What are you keeping from me?"

"I don't wish to tell. It would only hurt you." Her voice started to shake.

"What could hurt me? I know that the world is ending. Anything you tell me now, wouldn't hurt me more than knowing that I won't be able to live my life the way I want to."

"I--I'm... Uh. I'm dying." 

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