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Internal Thoughts of a Bored Student

Internal Thoughts of a Bored Student

If I sit here and look at the clock, time will state that I have two more twenty minute sections until this class is over. However, if I look at the clock in five minute intervals, then I only have to look a the clock eight times and then class will be over. That seems quite unlikely, and I think I'll be looking at the clock at an irregular interval of one minute then two minutes then back to one, so that will be a total of thirteen looks. Hmph. Sounds like too many times that I turn my head. I don't want to look too suspicious by looking at the clock frequently. How about I look at the clock every four minutes, so that would be a total of ten looks? No. No. No. That seems too suspicious still. Even eight times looking at the clock is too much. Oh damn. Now there is thirty nine minutes left in class, and that is an irregular number. Math doesn't work on irregular numbers, I guess I will have to wait a minute. 

What is the teacher talking about? I was too concentrated on how many times that I should look at the clock. "Industrialization". Okay. So he just said 'industrialization' so I didn't miss anything important. 

Oh, there is Kenneth, but where is Claudia? There she is. Wait, why are they sitting across from each other? Aren't they together still? From his stature Kenneth looks uneasy currently. It seems that he is forcing himself not to look at Claudia. I guess they must've gotten into a fight. Also, why is Claudia wearing a sweatshirt and jeans? It is like ninety degrees outside today. She must be sweating big time. Hmm. I wonder is Claudia is understanding what the teacher is talking about with this 'industrialization' talk. I can barely see her notebook, but already, we are only seven minutes into class and it is already filled notes. She keeps massaging her fore arm and looking over at Kenneth. Is she wanting him to look back at her? Wait, is that a bruise that she is massaging? Did Kenneth abuse her? They've been together since tenth grade and they have been happy. Is it because Ken joined the lacrosse team? I always knew the lacrosse team were filled with a bunch of asshole, but to turn a nice guy like Ken into an asshole? That is a feat that I never thought would happen, unless alcohol was...Ken does look like the type to be an abusive drunk. Hmm. Maybe I shouldn't intervene. I've seen how my friends are immune to pain when they are drunk and if Ken tries to fight me, I don't think I could really hurt him. 

What day is today? I'm in History, and I feel really tired. Since I'm in History it must be a Monday, Wednesday or Friday. Also with tired being added in there...well that doesn't help. I'm always tired. Maybe there will be tacos today for lunch, wait no there can't be. I remember when fat Tim ate ten school tacos, immediately shit his pants and then had diarrhea for the rest of the day. The school blamed the tacos and they have been banned ever since. Maybe Tim has figured out that it wasn't the tacos that made him shit himself, but a lacrosse player adding laxatives to Tim's food. That was a glorious day, and it will go down in history at this school as 'explosive shit taco day'. 

Ugh, there is still time left in this class. If the sweet release of death were to take me now, then I'd be happy. Just imagine it, waking up in another world having to relive everything that you've done. Or not. School hasn't really taught us about what happens after we die. Is this one of the few subjects, like sex, that we decide what happens and will never learn the proper education that we need? Hmm. If this is true, then I can state anything happens to me after death because surely I don't know. From tv, it seems that my vessel will remain and it will be toyed with depending on if I give people access to. Quite strange that even in death, caracasses still have more property and rights than some living people on this earth. 

Jimmy told me yesterday that playing video games and watching television will damage my mind forever. He stated that I will not learn anything new, especially not learn the special techniques needed to speak with others. I do not concur with Jimmy. I have learned a many important life lessons by playing video games and watching television. I completely understand how to kill the covenant efficiently. I can easily list out ten things that video games have taught me!

  1. Every person has had sex with my mother
  2. Upon head shotting a covenant grunt, people with cheer!
  3. Prostitutes make the most money.
  4. Other people are not bad, their equipment is.
  5. Cops will not look for you in your own home.
  6. Sex with aliens is not only possible, but not oppressed like other sexual preferences
  7. Make sure that big strong people always have bubble gum
  8. Don't be a princess, you'll be stolen.
  9. Always take care of your kids, otherwise they will kill you
  10. Trees are the building blocks for anything and everything.

I think Jimmy will definitely lose that arguement. Plus I know how to talk to others. It is quite simple in today's time. When you lock eyes with someone else, get very angry and question them. If it is someone that you have feelings for, then it is a step by step process to become partners. Let's say that the person you have feelings for is named "Jordan".

  1. Create a fake persona. 
  2. Get the fake persona and Jordan to be friends
  3. Find out everything that Jordan wants in a person
  4. Get the fake persona to state that you fit most, if not all those qualifications needed to be Jordan's partner
  5. Jordan will find someone else
  6. Cry.

Yep. It is a bruise on Claudia's forearm. 

*Bell rings*

"Alright students. Make sure you bring your new assignment tomorrow to class."

Shit, I wasn't paying attention this whole time. What is the new assignment? Crap, all I know that he said, 'industrialization'.

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