The Feeling is Lost

The context of the piece has to do with a recently split relationship. Whether the relationship is a friendship, partnership between two humans or even a relationship with an inanimate object, there is a period of time after in which life just seems dull. This is my interpretation of that period. 

Threesomes and How to Deal with Them

*DISCLAIMER-- I have not been in a threesome, so all information below is information that was either observed, researched or common knowledge. *

Recently, I was cordially invited to be a part of a threesome, as someone who rarely has sex and feels quite inadequate at the task, I asked which kind of threesome would it be. There are multiple different threesome types.

Would you kill yourself with me?

I have thought about this constantly. If only true love were to appear to me if I were to become terminally ill, it would drastically change my thinking on the subject. I have written about true love before with the main subject always being that there is always something that is lost when the love is found. If the part that is lost once the love is found was my life then how would I feel?

Dreaming is a Drug

Dreams are amazing. In my dream last night alone, I was able to fall in love, get married, have kids and watch as my wife left me after many years of a great marriage. On the other hand, dreams can suck and only last for two seconds. 

Random Thoughts - Terminated Relationships

I can't say that I even love you, but can you? We won't leave each other because then our lives must change and we just aren't ready for that. We don't even have physical or emotional interactions anymore. It's like we are staying together because I have your CDs still in my vehicle. We used to talk, we used to connect. What happened? Did that connection disappear when you said, 'I do'? Had our lives been selectively decided to become a bore and chore to one another? 

Craving a Drugged Sorrow

I've been torturing myself the past few days. Our emotions are easily changed and determined by various stimuli in the environment. Well, I've been stimulating sadness and sorrow upon myself the past few days. Not the kind of sadness that can later develop suicidal tendencies, no.

Mended by Murder Part 3

Their leg is bloody and from the contortions of the legs, I can tell that they are female before even seeing them entirely. Moving closer, I can recognize her, Victoria Dean. She is high on the metaphorical High School totem pole. Almost every girl wanted to be her, and almost every male wanted to be inside of her, including me.

Mended by Murder Part 2

"How am I supposed to kill them when even I am injured? I cannot walk, and my breath is weary. I cannot summon the strength to cause physical harm, so how will I murder the remaining?" I beckon to the silhouette, "If I pass out from the loss of blood, then none will die except my beloved."

Mended by Murder Part 1

You came on the bus today. Why did you have to be on the bus today? couldn't you have stayed after for extracurricular activities or had your family pick you up instead? Instead of hanging out with your friends or studying for exams, or learning something useful in extracurriculars, your body is bruised and laying motionless diagonally across the street from me.

Tired Eyes for a Dying Boy

As I am waiting for my eyes to close, I lay here thinking and refreshing my Instagram feed hoping to see new photos from my friends. They all look happy as I scroll through them. My friends are happy. People that I care about are happy. And yet, I'm not. Instead, I am filled with jealousy because my friends are happy. Why can't I be happy too? I wait for the day that I will awake and be happy. 

Relationships within Video Games

In the modern age, video games have continuously built upon relationships between the various virtual characters and the player. The Sims and Mass Effect series are well known for the relationships that the player can have with a multitude of characters. I have played both, and with each, I have a moral decision on who I should and shouldn't try to have relations with. 

Random Thoughts - Growing Old Alone, Normal?

Is it weird in our day and age to grow up old and alone? I mean that we have so many different outlets to find a significant other or at least another hopeless person to grow old with. However, what if I wish to grow old? If I were to marry, there is a very low percent that we both would die at the same time so there will be a time where at least one of us is alone. Isn't that more troubling than just growing up alone? 

Holding onto Death

I met her one day. I've seen her before, walking around, but when I met her it was different. I fumbled across all my words. Her grace and carefree attitude had done this to me; paralyzed me. How would someone from our generation be so carefree when the world around us wants nothing more than to find our flaws so they could be used against us. Although from that moment of meeting her, her flaw was not her weakness.