About Me, Myself, and maybe I, but definitely Me.

I'm a typical person trying to enjoy the one and only life I get on this earth. I'm in love with all types of video games and have a knack for playing them all. I try to perfect games by obtaining all the trophies/achievements that I can, especially on PlayStation consoles. If you are ever in the mood for playing video games, then don't fret and invite me! 

I have gone to school to become a computer scientist. I love to program and have created multiple projects! I try to implement my love of video games and my love of programming together by programming video games. All details on my projects that I've worked on or created can be seen on my portfolio page. 

When I am not programming or playing video games, I would normally be doing other things, or sleeping. I write quite often and most of my writing is rather morbid and always made schools call my family because of the content I wrote. If you wish to read any of the content, then check out my blog! It has tons of writings and I update it daily with more morbid and sometimes non-morbid writings.